Both Jon & Sean are lifelong Kayakers and have shared many adventures in the past but their Round Ireland by Sea Kayak journey has been on the cards for a few years now. 


The success of all Sea Kayaking trips comes down to sound planning of all aspects of the trip. Coupled with good decision making skills in what can be a very dynamic environment, the Atlantic Ocean

Safety Equipment
Both Jon & Sean are carrying an array of safety equipment such as VHF Radios, Rocket Flares, Personal Locator Beacons, Spot Tracker and much more. 

The Weather

The  wild Irish coastline is known to be one of the most broken, storm battered and beautiful shores in western Europe. Weather dictates the pace and success of Jon & Sean's trip around Ireland. Careful planning and accurate forecasting, navigating and decision making will determine their success. 

​Jon Hynes is a 42 year all round kayaker / adventurer from Garrettstown, Co. Cork. Now in his 30th year of kayaking, he has travelled the world and experienced the high's and low's of the sport. His journey around Ireland this summer is the pursuit of a dream inspired by his friend and mentor Donal Dowd. Donal kayaked around Ireland many years ago and introduced Jon to the sport with a week long trip up the West coast in 1996. Since then, Jon has become one of Ireland's well known Kayakers. 

Safety at sea

we want to promote safe kayaking

About our journey

Sea kayaking around needs some serious planning

Sean Cahill is a 50 year old Secondary school teacher from Ennis in Co. Clare. A lifelong Kayaker, he has raced the worlds toughest race, the Devizes to Westminster. He has also Sea Kayaked across the Irish Sea and has competed at the highest level in surf lifesaving. His playground in the coast of Co. Clare and his ability and knowledge of the ocean will give him the perfect tools for his attempt with Jon to Sea Kayak around Ireland.