Cian Walsh


Marine User Experience

Jon Hynes

Kayaker and Camera

When Jon and Sean were planning their adventure around Ireland in 2015, they knew that the story of their circumnavigation might appeal to a wide audience. Based on this they decided to record the journey with the help of GoPro's and phones. As plans became more ambitious, they knew they would need some help.

Enter Cian Walsh, one of Jon's former kayaking students who lived close by and is a designer and filmmaker. He jumped at the chance and the documentary grew from a small venture to encompass something that tried to convey the hardships, joys and special experience that is kayaking around Ireland.

After the trip finished in summer 2015, Jon and Cian spent the next number of months assembling the thousands of hours of footage into something cohesive. Countless cups of coffee, Post it notes and experimentation led us to the final 45 minute product.

Sean Cahill

Kayaker and Camera