If you feel like you want to contribute, please visit the Cappanalea Payment page. You can contribute any amount you feel is appropriate on their page.

To help us gather all the contributions, simply put "HOIST" as your ZIP/Postal code on the form.

We'll be updating the page with pictures and video of the hoist itself. Thanks in advance for all your help with this amazing centre.

Sean Cahill and Jon Hynes have been incredibly impressed by the work of Cappanalea Outdoor and Education Centre based in Kilorglin Co.Kerry. Cappanalea have been providing an introduction to the Outdoors for scores of young people.  Jon worked there many years ago and Sean would regularly bring his classes down.

​They have a special focus on those with disabilities and making sure that they have access to the full range of activities on offer.

To this end, they are keen to install a hoist to allow wheelchair users to access the water with comfort and safety. At the moment, the kids must be lifted in and out of boats manually. Sea Kayak around Ireland would love to help make the hoist a reality.